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Fareed AlMashat

Award-Winning Filmmaker. Timeless Photography.
Consummate Professional.

Fareed Al‑Mashat was born in Washington, D.C., and spent his formative years traveling and living internationally before discovering his love for film production while studying architecture at the University of Miami.  He learned to speak German and a little French, and received his BFA in Motion Picture Studies and Photography while honing his skills on location and in studio.  Fareed calls Miami home, where he lives and works to this day.

Humble and amicable, Fareed approaches both corporate and private jobs with the eye and sensibilities of a filmmaker, paying careful attention to lighting, composition, and storytelling.  His ability to capture the candid emotion of a moment, coupled with his technical mastery, gives Fareed’s photography a timeless quality and produces images that beg to be revisited.  

Do it right... or don’t do it at all!
— Fareed Al‑Mashat (notorious perfectionist)

Producer / Director / Cameraman

In addition to freelance photography and corporate media production, Fareed has also produced both professional and passion projects that have garnered him acclaim over the years as an award-winning filmmaker.  Visit and explore details of his latest feature project, The Device

His accolades include premiering at the Miami International Film Festival, being featured at The American Film Institute’s Los Angeles Film Festival, and The Oberhausen and Edinburgh International Film Festivals, and winning half a dozen industry and film festival awards for his work as a director—including The Critics Choice Award for Best Short Film at The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, and the Silver Prize at The Houston International Film Festival.

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